Monday, November 5, 2007

They say things happen in threes (3s)

Nothing earth shattering for today, just an observation I had over the weekend. We are so easily caught up in each of our own struggles, everyone has a bag full of them, no doubt.

And every one's struggle is their own, and what might seem monumental and unable to overcome to me, another person might not sweat it too much.

So, I saw three things on TV over the past two weeks, that sort of paints a clearer picture for me of the real and brutal struggle going on the continent of Africa.

First, we watched "Blood Diamond" which is completely disturbing when you think about the civil in-fighting that goes on, and how the demand for diamonds in capitalist countries drives it. I know, it's a MOVIE, but I'm sure that it's loosely based on historical events.

Second, we watched "The Constant Gardener" which is equally as disturbing, which deals with the dark side of the pharmaceutical world, using sick Africans in trials for meds that they don't know enough about to release to the FDA.

Finally, last night on 60 Minutes, there was a story about the Ivory Trade and the magnitude of that on the elephant population in Chad. This billion dollar industry is still of epidemic proportions since the oriental world has caught on to the goods derived from ivory.

It really made me sad to think about each of those things I saw on TV. I know there is equal strife here in the US, so I'm torn about what to think about celebrities out there trying to raise awareness and funds for George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Bono, the Gap, etc..

It just seems to me that there are so many causes out do you decide?

OK, enough for a Monday morning.
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