Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Soooooo not into it....

I find myself completely uninterested in getting ready for the holidays.

We have our tree up, but it's not decorated, and I can't get motivated enough to get it done. There is too much other stuff to do. All of our indoor decorations are up, which is a task I dread but somehow managed to accomplish. We practically remove every item that is in / or on top of our wall unit, shelves, and coffee table and replace it with a Christmas substitute. The garland on every banister, bells on every door knob, it's insane.

We haven't decided yet what our plans are for the holidays, sort of letting my parents decide what they prefer, if they want us to go there for the Eve and then we'll do something local here with our friends on the Day. Or, my parents, brother and sister will come here and we'll host the Eve and the Day.

My kids have one session days today through Friday...it's a half day, so by 1pm they are both home. The reason? Parent teacher conferences...who has time for that this time of year? It should be between Halloween and Thanksgiving...that gives the teacher enough time to target problems and figure things out. When the kids have a half day, it discombobulates us all...they are home longer, they get restless sooner, I don't get my work done....not looking forward to it. I should have used vacation days to take this week off...b/c I'm working right now @ 6:30 from home, and as you can see, I'm blogging and not working :-)!!!

One thing that IS working is my sessions with my trainer. I am feeling much stronger physically, have more energy, my body is looking toned for the first time in 10 years. In addition to my 3 workouts with her ( and 2 on my own a week), I have cut out the sugar and reduced portion sizes, since we were healthy eaters to begin with, we just eat too much. Even Matty has slimmed a few pounds.

The only downside is that my clothes that have become 1 to 2 sizes too big look awful when I put them on, and I can't (won't) replace them fast enough. I don't want to buy clothes in a new size until I get to where I feel like I'm not going to get any smaller, and then maintain that for a few months. Whatever, like that's really a problem!
I MUST MUST MUST get motivated for the Holidays!
Enough kvetching today....thanks for listening!

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