Thursday, May 8, 2008

Almost 1 Year here at Paula's Place

I recently passed the 1 year anniversary of my facial nerve reconstructive surgery, so, my 1 year anniversary of this blog is upon us too....over the weekend...I remember it was Mother's Day when I started it. I was home alone recovering while Anthony and the boys had a Christening to go to. I had been thinking about doing it, and with a little help from my friend ASP who gave me a bunch of pointers about blogging....Viola!

So, things here are really good, and without complaint.

M is suffering horribly from allergies, but I know it's temporary, so we just have to deal with it. M has standardized testing in school this week, which is a blog in and of do you put a child with limited IQ through a standardized state exam, and claim that you're making modifications for him, by reading him the test? The subject matter is still so beyond him....whatever, that's a battle I fought too many times.

B is evolving so much each moment, that it never ceases to cause me wonder about how far he'll go. He is so chatty, wants to do so much....and then abut 7:45pm everything comes to a crashing halt and he says " Want go to bed" - HA! Amen, my little one...Mommy put you to bed. :-)

A has totally picked up the slack with this kitchen re-model. We went to contract last weekend, so the wheels are in motion, and the hard choices have been made. But since then, he's making the phone calls, working with the contractor, the cabinet people, the appliance guy...bless him....I just can't right now...I have a project for work that is overwhelming at the moment, which will end around the 16th, but much of the kitchen leg work needs to get done this week so that we can insure demolition and installation during the week in June A plans to take off with the boys...that week between school ending and camp beginning.

So, like I said, things here are good....I miss my friends though....both my live in person ones, the ones I talk to on the phone, and the ones I "see" online....I have just not been able to keep up, so I'm sorry. It will get better soon...ha, who am I kidding? I need to better organize my time.

I always make time for the ridiculous, that much you know about I have a friend, we'll call her Ma. We met about 8 years ago, our "Matthews" were in pre-school together...and she and I have been friends since, she's one of the very few good friends I've made because of my son. Ma has 4 kids, and she pretty much lives in her car...her kids are super busy. She moved a couple years ago, about 30 minutes away, so I don't see her often, but we talk a lot. She's had an overwhelming time the past couple years too, so I worry about her.

Not only do we have the kids with issues in common, but we have the General Hospital thing too...she's a lifer, not like me, I took about 20 years off from 1985 to 2005...but am full fledged again, thanks to Tivo.

So... I tell her that her favorite GH player Steve Burton (Jason) is making a a personal appearance not far from here, she calls, we get tickets and we go on a Sunday morning, when I should have been home worrying about my son's Birthday Party and Baseball, but that guy I married said.."GO, you NEVER see Ma, it will be good for you both" Enough said...we go, what a great time we had with each other, just catching up in person....Steve Burton was...Eh...a bit full of himself, though Natalia Livingston (Emily) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) were lovely....I can say that safely, Ma doesn't go's a photo from that day...I cut Ma out to protect her privacy...she has a copy though, and she's standing on the other side of Steve Burton...the BEST sandwich he EVER had!

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