Sunday, June 29, 2008

I lost my job...;-)

I'm not sure if I'm still stunned or it's the painkillers that I'm taking post surgery that make it seem not real.

I get a phone call Thursday ( I took the day off to have some surgery to tweak the original nerve regeneration surgery I had 13 months ago) to tell me that my group, Policy Management is being disbanded (50 colleagues in my office and another 100 in Chicago affected) and that after July 11th, I no longer need to report for work. Excuse me? I've been.....fired? From Marsh....I've been let go? The abysmal economy has finally caught up with me? Me, the one who started a renovation project in her kitchen 4 days ago?

So, I'm home and I'm cranky b/c I can't eat anything and it's 12pm (18 hours since I've eaten) and my doctor is backed-up, so his office hasn't called me to go in for surgery yet. My site leader called me, and he's not only flabbergasted by the announcement that Policy Management is closing down, he's genuinely sad (as was I) because we're both what we called "Marshers"....meaning we both built our professional careers in and around Marsh & McLennan, "the world's number one insurance brokerage firm."
Wow...It's hard to even type this. Everything else I wanted to blog about over the past couple of weeks...the kids graduation, our wedding anniversary, our kitchen project, my's all moot.
I'm out of this job...this job that I had for 2 years, that enticed me to come out of mommy-hood, semi-retirement and return to full time work. This job...where I made some really nice friends over the past 2 years, where I re-connected with colleagues I left behind when I had Matty back in 1997. Ouch! This REALLY REALLY sucks!
Yes, I have until July 11...yes, I'll collect severance for several weeks after that, thanks to being an officer or the company, yes, I could even collect unemployment after that. Yes, I no longer have to worry about how to use my precious vacation days with the kids...I'll be off most of the summer with them. still really SUCKS!
I probably could go back to Marsh in another capacity...not the point. My job let me work from home 3 days a week, and only commute 2...THAT was the beauty of it. The flexibility was amazing...and that's what I know I won't find in the old school world of Marsh in their Insurance practices. Sure, I could get hired as a broker, but I can't go to NYC 5 days a week for 12 hour days.
I have NO IDEA what's going to happen now....I promised Anthony not to stress and to enjoy the free time with the boys over the summer.
Look out....after July 11th I will have PLENTY of time to blog....we'll catch up on the kitchen renovation, my surgery (gross pictures of the dozen or so staples in my head and all;-)), the kids and camp, the kids and their fall programs....etc.
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