Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You know it's hot when....

They reduce the school day to a half day...for 2 days in one week!
Yep, yesterday and today....only 4 hours in school. It's too hot to be in school?
I NEVER had a heat day, and I can vividly remember days as hot as these (95-100).
In fact, when Anthony and I bought this house in 1995 and moved in July 1 of that year, we didn't have the central air we do now. We had the duct work, but we opted not to purchase the sub-par unit the builder was offering. Also, we sunk EVERY cent we had into the purchase of this house so, there was nothing left at the time, and central AC is expensive. We said to ourselves...we'll do without ....we'll save and we'll put a good one in the next year....WOW...it was easily the hottest summer I can remember. The day we got married (6/18/94) it was EASILY 100 degrees. It does get hot here sometimes on the east coast!
That said...I LOVE summer...I love hot weather...maybe b/c I am a summer baby, born in the middle of July, always had my birthday parties outside at my parents pool...I don't know....when I was a kid, you went outside and swam to get cool, you did not stay in air conditioned houses.
So...I cut my office day short yesterday and came home to get them off the bus....the beauty of my job, I can do things like that. Today I work from home, so I'll be here to get them. They have been swimming pretty much non-stop since Saturday morning, today will be no exception.
Last night we had a lovely visit from a grad student from KU (Univ. of Kansas) who we know for years, (Ben participated in a study she was a part of that ran over a 4 year period) who came to sit with and test Matty (for sentence/language development) for a couple hours for a research study she's running. She stayed for dinner, and we all had a great time together.
Tomorrow should be back to our normally scheduled programming. A full day of school...a full day in the office....?
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