Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why can't people use their DELETE key?

Is it that hard?

I get a LOT of e-mail...seriously, about 250 to 300 messages a day...

Some of it's self-inflicted...i.e., I subscribe to group mailing lists for the following:

Fragile X Syndrome
New Jersey Fragile X
Special Education Issues
Rick Springfield (let's get real....a girl needs a diversion)
Scrap Booking

All those lists are about 2/3 of my mail....and I scan them all, delete most, save some, reply to some as I wish.

Then I get mail from individuals...and I reply to them all...no matter what...it's like calling someone back when they call you...I try to get to each one in a timely fashion too.

Then...I blog (duh) and I get comments from people who read this blog (which I LOVE to get). I Facebook (which involves e-mail and messages left on my page)

I also get mail as the co-president of the town's special ed PTO....separate e-mail address from my personal one. I read and respond to them....daily.

I subscribe to some stores lists....I get coupons that way....GAP, Banana Republic, Coach, Ann Taylor, Norstrom.....

Then I get the daily prayer chains...funny pictures...snopes tales, poems, quips, you know...and then there's SPAM...I read them all (not the SPAM) , but rarely pass them on.

E-mail is part of my life....

I personally took offense this morning when I got an e-mail from a friend ( a close friend for over 25 years) who ordered me to stop (that was the subject of the e-mail) suggesting fellow (former) High School friends to her on Facebook.

Ummmm.....I think you can easily hit the IGNORE button if you don't want to be their "FRIEND"...I manage to when necessary.

I was totally taken aback...purely offended...accompanying the e-mail was the underlying tone that perhaps I have too much time on my hands that I can find the time to be "friends" with people on Facebook.

Well....I spent the better part of my day annoyed, thanks. Imagine that someone thinks I have time on my hands!!!! WOW...I must be better at acting not overwhelmed than I thought!

Do you know how much stuff I get that I DELETE??????? I would NEVER....EVER....ask a friend of mine to NOT send me things.... I JUST HIT THE FRIGGIN DELETE BUTTON.

This is the second time for this friend to ask me to not send things her way...a couple years ago, it was to please not forward any kind of chain mail....memes, 20 questions, etc....she didn't like them.

Again, why can't you just hit delete????? We all have anti-virus software today....obviously, I'm not going to send you anything offensive or virus contaminated....so what's the big friggin deal??????


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