Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Disney Photos

FB Disney

Well, I truly never thought we'd be able to take this kind of a vacation with the boys, but after years of dreaming about it, worrying about it, and finally planning for it, we did it and the boys had a WONDERFUL time!

I couldn't believe how great they did and how patient and tolerant they were. It was a blessing to be able to take a vacation and to enjoys these boys! My parents had a wonderful time with them and my brother ( who has Fragile X like my boys) had a great time too with his nephews. Everything went very well and we'll have wonderful memories for a lifetime, they way it should be.

Things are slowly getting back to "normal" here....I'm working, went to NY on Monday, got everything I needed and am working from home now.

A did NOT get that job he was vying for (LONG LONG story and not a happy one) but he still has a job and was actually offered a really good one within the company. It's just not the one he wanted and he's struggling with that decision. I am truly heartbroken for him, and I can't do anything to help, which makes me feel awful. His disappointment engulfs him and he's having trouble with every part of his day. I pray he finds peace with this situation.

Boys are slowly getting back to their routines, a week off is a LONG time, so we're all on the gradual path back to not having a moment to ourselves.

Enjoys this sampling of pictures! If you know my kids, you know that a few years ago, a photo op with a character in costume was NOT even a remote possibility. I was beaming as they stood with these characters!
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