Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Catch-Up

Wow! I cannot believe that April ends today! Where did it go? I'm trying to think of the things that went on in April....

Month started out a new cell phone, since my "new every 2" had come up! I had the LG Chocolate, but the very first one, before they switched from a touch wheel to a click say my cell phone made me unhappy was an understatement. But I kept it...I hate to pay retail for anything, so I didn't see the point of paying $300 for the phone I wanted just b/c my contract hadn't expired. Had Verizon been able to offer their service for an iPhone....I would have gotten that in a MINUTE! So, now I have the LG Envy 2...and I LOVE IT! It makes my life a lot better...and I can answer my phone whenever it rings, and not just some of the time!

Saw Rick Springfield in NYC on April know, I thought I was on the "outs" with him...sort of waning in my "fandom"...not really trying hard to make the effort to get tickets...not seeing EVERY show in 100 miles of my home. I missed a show I had tickets to take Anthony and the boys to the night before (4/2) b/c of a Board of Education candidate night.

So, I went. Alone. I didn't meet up with anyone, just took the bus, walked to the theater, saw the show, walked back to the bus and went home. Rick was great, which I guess is why I go.

My grandfather passed on Palm Sunday....I had posted that before...I'm glad he's no longer living the way he didn't want to...he has peace, we all have peace...somethings are meant to be.

We canceled our trip to the Dominican Republic, but I am a big believer in buying the insurance, so we're trying to reschedule that trip for a week in August once the boys finish with camp. It is proving to be a bit of a challenge to find a spot out of the hurricane danger zone in August, but I have narrowed it down to Costa Rica or Cabo San Lucas...we'll flip a coin and that will be it.

Sooner than that, Anthony and I are leaving for Paris on 5/13...for an early 15th year anniversary trip....last time we took a trip away was for our 7th anniversary (Matty was 4 and there was no Ben!) when we went to Las Vegas...but that trip was Rick related too, and friends of ours were there at the same time, so it was a TON of fun all over the place!
So, now, we're going to Paris...I haven't been in exactly 20 years...and Anthony's never been. I am so thrilled and so lucky to be taking such a trip with my husband...I have planned a "thing" for us to do each day we are a lunch cruise on the Seine, brunch at the Eiffel Tower, a wine and cheese tasting, museum pass, etc....with plenty of time for random walking around, shopping ( you didn't think I would forget to budget time and $$ for that, did you?) and just taking it all in. This is where we are staying...a boutique hotel....can't wait!

Fingers crossed that we pull it off and get on the plane...b/c as you know, in my life, there is always "something."

My something right now is my dad. He took a nasty spill back in February, and is still healing a fractured vertebrae since then, but has recently complicated things with a tough bout of strep throat as well as prostate issues (which also plagued his dad, and have been problematic for many years for my dad). So, my mom, trying to get through the day after losing her dad, has been spending all her time and energy running my dad to and from the ER multiple times in April, to and from the doctor multiple times, and running herself ragged.
Today, when I talked to her, was the first time that I felt like things are going to be dad is more mobile, seems to be managing his prostate and his pain today...and my mom sounded like she was able to rest.

Please just keep him in your thoughts....even my boys are worried about him. We tried to go see him last Saturday after soccer, since they let me know that they would not be able to come to Matty's party on we get on the NJ Turnpike and then this..

After 2 hours in the car and 5 miles, we were able to finally get off the NJT took the kids out for dinner and called it a day...very frustrating.

I re-couped nicely with some special friends that night at a little Ladies Night...thanks and your low fat cheesecake rocked!

Have crossed the 20 lb mark with Weight Watchers....22 lost to be exact...about 10 more to go...the hardest 10 to date....gosh my body is stubborn @ 40! No worries, I WILL get it done :-)

I won a seat on the Marlboro Board of Education....I can't believe it still! I came in 2nd out of 7 candidates, and I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity. I know that my skin will have to thicken since I do take things personally, and haters will always be there, and people who don't know anything about me will make nasty comments, but I say BRING IT! You have NO IDEA who I am and what I am made of.
The current Board members have offered me their help and have taken time to bring me up to speed on issues and I am so happy to be working with a very cohesive group that respects each other, no matter how each individual stands on an issue. They understand that people are individuals and deserve respect, no matter what. More on that later...getting sworn in Tuesday 5/5 at the Board Meeting...Anthony and the boys will come to see me become a part of the Board!

Planning a regional FX conference for Fall 2009....still in the planning stages, working with NJ and NY group...lots of work, but it's going to be good!

That's all I got for now!Here's what happens when you tell your kids that they can "look" at your digital camera while you're driving!
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