Monday, April 6, 2009

Rest in dear sweet Nonno

My last living grandparent passed yesterday. My Nonno was 92 years old, and he was my mom's dad. He passed peacefully in his sleep and felt no pain...really, that's the way to go if you ask me. He lived 9 long years without his wife, my grandmother and he missed her every moment. He's in a better place, with her, and I am at peace with the whole thing.
I'm sad for my mom, as he was her "charge" and she looked after him, much the way Check Spellingshe raised her 3 children and helped me with my 2. My mom is a care-giver by nature, that's her gig and she's good at it, so unlike me. Ha!
Since it's Holy Week, we're not able to bury him until next Monday (OY!) it's going to be a little of a long week for us all. And our vacation to the Dominican Republic has been canceled, since we were leaving Saturday for a week away....we couldn't do that to my grandfather. We'll go another time.
Please say a prayer for him, Mario Urbanelli...he was very special and he will be missed.
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