Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween....not so much for me, thanks!

So, Halloween in my house is a bit of an anomaly.

I have two boys who are so excited to decorate, make the house all about Halloween, but would rather not trick or treat. They both enjoy wearing costumes ( which is something I know some of my FX sisters struggle with). They are very excited about the "idea" of Halloween.

But, the act of having to go up to someones door (in some cases, people in your neighborhood you don't know) and knock and say "trick or treat" and get candy AND say "thank-you"...... well, when M was little, he'd throw-up at the idea of having to do that...the anxiety would render him immobile. Then, once he was able to do it (remember, I "refuse" to give in to this FX, and let it win. Sometimes, this is super foolish on my part, as somethings are out of my control) he would go to a house or 2 and want to come home.

Well, this morning, he started with "I think I'll stay home and give out the candy." A+ for creativity and for effort....clever enough to try to get out of doing something you don't want to dice though, you're putting that costume on and trick or treating, like it or not....

Which brings me to my point....why am I insisting that my kids "LOVE" Halloween? Really, who cares? It's so not important.

So, I spent some of today being disappointed in myself...

But, both boys went out and trick or treated, with minimal interference from me. I waited on the sidewalk for them at each house. M would lead the way, B would follow. B, being the social creature he each house he tells the candy giver "And that's my mom, Paula" as he points to me on the sidewalk....he's precious!

We covered about 30 homes....we were out maybe an was enough....we had a better time giving out the candy once we got home!

It was a huge accomplishment....I think about M and the throwing up and the crying, and I realize how far he's come and I'm so proud of them both!
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