Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost Ready To Go Back To Work....

Well, Dr. Elkwood seems to think it might be OK for me to go back to work and resume all "normal" activity.

Does that mean my mom will go home and no longer cook all our meals, do our grocery shopping, take the boys to after school activities, pick them up, do the laundry, take me out for lunch and to the mall?

If that's the case, NO WAY am I ready to go back to work! I'm thinking more and more that retirement is calling me to come hither.

I had the final suchers removed from my head today - HOORAY! They were really starting to itch and make me feel tight in the head (ha-ha, yes, we ALL know I'm already tightly wound!)...I gained even more movement in my mouth area since the last time I saw Dr. Elkwood last Friday.

He insists on drawing on my lip to see where I feel "electricity" with a PURPLE permanent magic marker and then he takes a picture to mark my progress....I told him NO MORE with the purple pen...make the move to washable marker please... I have a purple cast to my upper lip for days! He used ball point (blue) today...which came right off with alcohol! :-)

I am no longer green, but still swollen and now LUMPY (that's NEVER a good quality to describe yourself with) under my skin in the jaw area....which will all go away and be smooth over the next few weeks/months Dr. Elkwood promises. The incisions in my leg feel better, but still numb which is why I liken it to a c-section THREE TIMES in my leg! OY!

Basically, I feel good, still tired by dinner time, but ready to go back to work....both at Marsh and Mary Kay. Though I will miss my daily early afternoon pre-General Hospital nap..see, I'm already weaning myself of that by writing this blog at 1 pm!

My mom has been so priceless to me these last three weeks, frankly I'm afraid to not have her around. Anthony has been having commuting woes, so he's tired too at the end of the day, and getting home pretty late for him. Her company has been so great!

Matty and Ben will miss Grandma Dina more than me I fear, and will be angry with me for a few days thinking I banned her from their kingdom. I'm sure their behavior and attitudes will require adjustment after a few weeks with Grandma Dina, their heroine.

Alright, I lied, I'm still in need of a nap, off now.....GH starts in 2 HOURS!

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