Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's back to work I go...how sad

Well, I managed to pull off a birthday party for Matty on the 18th...at our local theater's premier of Shrek The Third!
23 kids...a bunch of pizza, popcorn, drinks and cake...and a very cute film! Fun was had by all....and most of all and most importantly, Matty(he's SOOOO big!). I love a movie premier...there is something so exciting about seeing a movie the day it comes out!! I even mustered up the energy to make thank-you cards with the Shrek design from Snapfish with that picture!!! They turned out so great! He's a keeper my Matty! He was more excited than me about seeing the movie the first day it was out....I know where he gets that from.
Some of you KNOW how I love Red Carpets Events (I'm usually glued to E! and the TV on Sundays during award season, Golden Globes, SAG, Oscar, Emmy (Regular & Daytime - LOL), any award shows (OK, not country music) all that stuff!
My TIVO is getting a workout with the Cannes Film Festival going on right now....it records anything and everything...I can't wait to see which film wins the Golden Palme...and say what you want...Brangelina in Cannes reminds me of old Hollywood.
Enough about that....so tomorrow marks my return to Morristown to actually, gulp, WORK!
I've been working at home since yesterday(5/21) but actually having to get up at the crack of dawn and commute is another thing...working at 6am in my basement when it's just me and Howard (Stern) and a hot cup of coffee is truly amazing, and then spending an hour with the boys from 7:45 to 8:45 whem I get them up, dress them, feed them and send them to school, only to come back down into my office and work until Ben get's home is great too!
And not that I don't love going into work (Wednesdays and Fridays)...once I get into my car at 5:45am and am on my way it's ok....it's getting to that point that bites sometimes! Plus, I get to be home in time to be with the boys and have dinner with them.
Getting back into work mode has been hard...with three weeks of resting post surgery, but all luxuries must end I guess.
I hope I don't freak out my co-workers too much...being lumpy and swollen has become somewhat non-offensive at home, but in public my lumpy and still swollen jaw might shock some unsuspecting office worker! Tomorrow will be interesting!
Still making progress everyday with movement in my mouth...Anthony stopped himself in his tracks last night while he was watching me laugh with Benjamin...he said my mouth looked "normal" like it hadn't in 10 years!!! Funny, how he and I use that word "normal" so sparingly since our boys are special. It made me teary-eyed...I feel my mouth moves closer to normal now and doesn't pull to the left as it did before surgery. AMAZING!
That's it for me today...Ben will be home shortly...I think I'm going to sit outside for a few minutes and read!
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