Friday, July 27, 2007

Do men suffer from PMS too??

I'm thinking that it's all hype, the talk about women and PMS. I'm thinking that women truly are the more stable and reliable sex. I'm thinking that I'm no longer buying into the myth that women are emotional and crazy. I'm honestly thinking that men have PMS 24/7 and NOT just during a week every month, but rather, IN GENERAL!!!

Have you figured out that I'm a wee bit tee'd off today? PHEW....I feel better already! Also, I think maybe a little bit of retail therapy might help....nothing a new pair of shoes and a handbag can't cure! Maybe a manicure too!

Exciting news this week in the Takvor (nee Fasciano) Family....we have a new addition, nephew Lukas James joined us on Monday the 23rd. Aunt Paula and Cousins Matty and Ben are going out to see him in Long Island today to welcome him and see big brother and sister and visit with their parents too!

Benjamin has become completely focused on doing EVERYTHING by HIMSELF this week...and yes, while that's good, and shows that he's becoming independent, it's challenging to watch him take off his pajamas without assisting him, when it takes him 2-3 minutes instead of 20-30 seconds! Also, the clean-up after self-feeding at meals, OY!

Patience, Paula!!!!

Matthew sustained his first sports injury this week...achem...he hurt his shoulder while bowling with his new Wii. I imagine it's much like the carpal tunnel you get from too much typing or video gaming. The bowling with the remote on the Wii has all the movements of bowling, but you release a button instead of a weighty bowling ball. It's actually quite fun, but Matthew who exaggerates his wind-up and throw...must have just over done it. Imagine, a sports injury from a video game....OY!

Patience, Paula!!!!

Matthew managed to lock Benji in his (Matty's) bedroom this morning....he's never locked the door before...I was panicked because I didn't remember where I'd seen that "key" thing they give you to open doors like that...we have one that opens all the interior doors in the house. I was so irritated with Matthew...Benji's screaming b/c he's locked in there...and it's 7:45 am...I was trying to get them dressed and ready for camp and make beds, straighten up....and then delayed breakfast, which just delayed everything and then their driver came early to pick them up! Of all days to be early...uh, hello?!?!

Patience, Paula!!!

Alright....I'm going to stop now...this post is a downer, I know. But sometimes the reality of 2 boys with Fragile X does get to even's better to get it out than keep it in. I'm already looking forward to them coming home from camp!

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