Monday, July 23, 2007

National Fragile X Awareness Day 2007 - the 5th Annual

Well, as if you didn't already know....I've lost it completely. I can't even keep track of the date anymore.

Yesterday, Sunday, July 22nd was National Fragile X Awareness Day. To me, everyday is FX Awareness Day, as I never stop trying to get the word out, and will tell anyone who will listen, what Fragile X is.

I have so many thoughts about things to do to raise awareness, I just get stuck in the execution of my plans.

I am thinking that we'll plan something in the Fall, something to mark a concerted effort to raise awareness as well as funds for the various components (NFXF, FRAXA, M.I.N.D.) that make up the world that give us, as parents, so much support to help us raise our children.

More to come....even some pictures of the boys...stay tuned for an update for the Discovery Channel show airing too (in August).

Enjoy the rain!
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