Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You know you married the right guy when.......

You know you married the right guy when, after YEARS (seriously, like 9 of them) of jokingly asking him to STOP while driving and steal any sort of highway sign that says SPRINGFIELD in any way, shape or form -on the Belt Parkway, on Route 24, on the Garden State Parkway and
he comes home with a huge SPRINGFIELD AVE sign for your home office to celebrate your birthday!
WOW.....thought I had seen it all from this man, but he continues to AMAZE me. it's so true what they say about the little things in life...this silly sign makes me happier than any bauble or handbag he'd normally get me. Am I getting less materialistic? (Shudders at that thought)
I wanted to share it here...on my blog. He also sent me beautiful flowers with a singing balloon that is honestly bigger than Benjamin!!! He's a great husband, really he is!
Kind of helps me forget that today is my last 30's birthday and that next year I start a new decade....though they say that 40 is the new 20....and truly, I'm starting to believe it!
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