Friday, August 17, 2007 we go...AGAIN!

Yes, it's true...we're off on vacation again! It has been a blessed year for us, and not one of us takes it for granted! We are extremely lucky to be going away again.

I think though, that this time we ALL need to get away from here....we're all a little cranky.

Our dear friends ( and their 3 children) will be joining us, so there won't be much relaxing, but the fun to be had by all will surpass the need to relax.

Discovery Channel Update: Nothing yet...still waiting for the new name of the series...heard from the producer the other day....our story has taken a back-seat within it's episode to the story of a 10 year old boy (same episode) who had his leg blown off. The executive producer felt that we were too much of the focus (imagine??) I'm told we're only in the beginning of the episode and then in the closing credits! It won't even be 15 minutes of fame....and that's totally OK with us!

Enjoy these picture of Rick from 8/9 while I'm gone!!!!
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