Monday, August 27, 2007

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

When I heard my favorite song from my pre-school years on the radio last week, I remember thinking how appropriate it was.

We left for Avalon Saturday the 18th....and we got down there early enough...we all went in the pool, relaxed had a great dinner...Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast, went to the park, and then...

Sunday afternoon - it started to rain
Monday - it rained
Tuesday - it rained
Wednesday - it rained
Thursday morning - it rained until 2pm.

And not occasional passing thundershowers like the norm for this time of year, but rather an incessant steady and heavy drizzle....enough that you needed an umbrella. was so depressing after a few hours.....we just kept thinking it would stop (though the Weather Channel insisted it wouldn't until Thursday...I hate when they're right!)

Soooo...we shopped ( at the outlets in Atlantic City and finished up the "back-to-school" stuff), we went to the movies, we went to the Adventure Aquarium (Camden), we actually did a lot....and finally Thursday afternoon we were able to resume normal vacation activity...we rented a surrey and biked through Stone Harbor, we mini-golfed our BRAINS OUT! and we beached!

I was so relieved to come back to my home....because even when it rains here....there are still so many things to do, within the house itself!

Matty is staying with his grandparents for the next few days since Ben has another week of camp left, and we went back to work today (can't you tell?). It is odd (and super quiet) not having Matty here...but Ben is surviving.

I do have some cool pictures from the aquarium that I'll post when Matty gets home (he has his camera with him).

I am looking forward to back to school and the fall.....let's hope it stays dry for a few days!
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