Thursday, September 6, 2007

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8 random facts about Paula......

1. I am a licensed hairdresser since 1986. When I was in the 10th grade, and announced to my parents that I wanted to go to college because I was going to conquer the parents gulped at the thought of how much that was going to cost them...and said..."Good for YOU!....however, you should have a trade to "fall back on" in case you come out of college and can't find a job!" I started Beauty School that summer (1984), continued at night during the school year, and took the exam and passed in the summer of 1986, the same year I left for Dickinson College. I cut hair in dorms, anywhere people needed, and earned myself plenty of spending money.

2. I am a God fearing Catholic....all the cliches I learned in 12 years of Catholic school haunt me today. It's keeps me on the straight and narrow, and frankly I'm at a point in my life where I need spirituality to keep me grounded.

3. My 2 boys, older brother and younger sister are all affected by Fragile X Syndrome and it's one of my life's help them and raise awareness on their behalf.

4. I subscribe to and read tons of magazines and online articles about scrap booking...I have thousands of supplies for scrap booking, and I have yet to sit down and scrap my first formal page.

5. My husband accuses me of having a pen fetish....and it's true...I buy pens, all colors of ink, all types of ink, markers, pencils, etc..... I have THOUSANDS of pens all over the house. Hey, it's cheaper than HANDBAGS! Yes, I have a separate closet just for my handbags! That's my "thing" that I can't ever have enough of...too many bags is an oxymoron to me.

6. I am a Mary Kay consultant...because I have LOTS of free time with nothing to do! HA! No, seriously, it's the best skin care product I've tried (and like pens and handbags, I have bought and tried them ALL) and it's a product that has been around for 45 years. If I can spread what I know about MK products to a few's all worth it.

7. Since 9/11....I cry at the drop of a changed me so much, and not just because my husband survived while he lost a few close friends and dozens of colleagues. It reminds me of how fragile (no pun intended) life is and how in the blink of an eye it can all end. When I hear patriotic songs I weep uncontrollably...doesn't matter where I hear, ball games, TV...once I get it out, I feel better. I try to be a better person today.

8. I work in corporate insurance for Marsh USA for the past year, and I also worked there from 1991 to 1997 until I had Matthew. They are the world's largest corporate insurance brokerage....It's such a random place I ended up in after college, but I found a career there, a husband there, and good friends there.

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