Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well, Dad and the boys survived the first day of school! Dad even managed to take some nice pictures of the boys! Where was mom? WORKING!!! Yep, I finally missed out on one of those quintessential moments of being a parent...the first day of school. I felt guilty for about 45 minutes while I was driving to work...but Dad is more than capable and willing to help out in these situations, and sometimes it's best for all involved if I take a step back. Mom can't do it all, all the time, can she?

I did, however, manage to have both boys lunch and snack ready to go (@5:45am before I left), so that dad would only have to worry about getting them dressed, breakfast and taking pictures.

In the few days before school, I had their backpacks ready with supplies, both boys had their folders already full of information that their mommy wanted the teachers to know about Fragile X Syndrome, their summer, etc...behavior modifications for each of them, tips and tricks for the teachers, Matty's meds, Ben's change of clothes....let's just say, I may have been working when they left for school, but I left my mark on everything about that morning!

The paperwork that came home yesterday that had to be filled out for EACH of them was truly hand hurt when I went to bed last night...and let's not forget that on Wednesdays my Mary Kay unit meets from I was out for a bit too. What a day!

Both boys came home with exceptional reports from their teachers. Ben went to school in underwear (vs. a pull-up) since last Saturday we decided that 6 months in pull-ups was enough,,,he was keeping himself dry all the time, it was totally my not wanting to take that big boy leap with my baby that held him up! :-( Happy to report that loves his new underwear and has been dry 100% of the time, telling us exactly when he has to go...which, those of you with special children know is HUGE!

Let's hope this school year is a good and memorable one!
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