Thursday, October 11, 2007

Air Date: Surgery Saved My Life / Notes From The Edge of Life

So, I heard from the Discovery producer who spent time with me before my surgery.
I had mentioned before, that the episode had gone in another direction, and while my story (compelling only to me and those who know what I have been through) is only going to shown in the very beginning and ending credits, certainly the 10 year old boy's story is much more of a human interest and a cruel reality reminder of the world we live in where innocent children are often victims of war.

I'm actually quite excited to see it....Dr. Elkwood, who the episode is truly about, is the same doctor who did my surgery, and I'm curious to see him in a situation where he's not dealing with some neurotic and insane NJ mommy trying to fix her crooked face (read:ME!).

So here it is...We don't get Discovery Health, but Discovery is sending me a copy, so maybe I can put it up on here once it airs? I'll have to figure that out.

Surgery Saved My Life / Notes From The Edge of Life
Episode: Shattered Nerves
Suffering crippling nerve damage caused by an explosion on a beach in Gaza,
ten year- old Adham Ghalia is brought to the U.S. by the Palestine
Children’s Relief Fund to undergo cutting-edge surgery at the hands of Dr.
Andrew Elkwood. A nerve transplant is the one thing that could make him
walk again.

Because of scheduling and programming conflicts we are now being released
on Discovery Health.

Discovery Health.
Oct 26, 8:00 PM
Oct 26, 11:00 PM
Oct 28, 10:00 AM
Oct 29, 2:00 AM
(60 minutes)

Hope you all enjoy the life-affirming journey of Shattered Nerves.
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