Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to "Normal"...well, for us at least


No fever! No aches, pains, pounding head!


There's always a "but"...don't you know?

Benji has the sniffles....and normally, good mom that I am, I would have sent him to school anyway, there was no fever, his nose is running clear...all signs that justify actually sending the boy to school...but he's just so tired and "chu-chy" meaning he's a bit of a momma's boy today.

So I keep him home...and I schlep him to see my plastic surgeon for a post-surgery follow up. Normally, I'm there about 15 minutes...between waiting and meeting with my surgeon. Today? 2 hours! Typical right? Poor thing....he was so good, colored, kept himself busy, no complaining. I got him a Happy Meal on the way home...he was SOOOO excited!

And I had to cancel my trainer for today, who I haven't seen in 2 weeks, since I became sick...what's another day of not working out? I'm starting to turn back into jell-o after working so hard for this "in progress" hard body I've acquired over the past 6 weeks....2 weeks of laying in bed helped drop a few more pounds, but the muscle is getting soft! :-( OY!

Whatever....I also had to cancel her for tomorrow ALSO since I'm due in the office so that I can be home for Halloween and go see the boys in their respective parades. Again, what's 2 more days of NOT working out?

Had to now cancel Ben's eye doctor appointment for 6m tonight...he REFUSES to see kids with the sniffles or any kind of ailment....had to reschedule...for DECEMBER 10th! OY! That's 5 weeks away!

I'm feeling first day of better health is simply NOT turning out the way I planned.

I might as well have a cookie or something with sugar! Just's not that bad...YET!
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