Friday, October 26, 2007

Back to Square One....A Fever of Unknown Origin

So...remember how I said that I had Shingles? Turns out DR. was wrong....just a skin irritation, probably negative side-effect #2 (#1 being the joint pain/immobility I felt last Friday) from the Levaquin anti-biotic, which he immediately made me stop taking.

How do I know? I spent Wednesday back in the ER when my fever went back up to 102.5...AGAIN.

My Doctor (who is soon to be my previous Doctor) refused to see me in his office and told me to go to the ER if indeed my fever was that high. I go...they take my temp...and what do you know? It's 102! Blood work, blood cultures, chest x-ray...all to be told 4 hours later by my own doctor who must have been there for rounds on his lunch hour that "It's nothing we can treat you for."

There is no infection, my levels are normal, and according to him, it's viral and has to run its course, could take up to 3 which I told him on day 11 that I would be dead in another 10 days! He was neither amused nor sympathetic. I came home, in tears, put myself to bed, and prayed the fever and awful pain would end.

Today is Friday...I still have a low grade fever...and am still pretty will be 2 weeks on Sunday...I can only think in terms of this fever. I am cranky BEYOND belief. Please keep your fingers crossed that I start to feel better soon....I miss my family and they need me.
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