Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Like you wanted to know MORE about me....one of my friends "tagged" me to do this on her blog...so here goes...if you 're reading this...consider yourself tagged and do one too please!

4 Jobs I’ve held:
1. Pizza Girl – Luca Pizza, Willow Grove (PA) Mall Food Court. Yep, 80’s mall food court employee…summers, evenings and weekends circa July 1983 to July 1986.
2. Bartender – Bobby Gavin’s Tavern, Horsham, PA – Summer 1988. When I realized I was going to spend a year in Italy abroad, $5 an hour as pizza girl wasn’t going to cut it, so I needed a get rich quick scheme, and it worked!
3. Assistant to the President, Soviet Source Jewelry Co., NYC, NY – May 1990 to May 1991. First job out of college…right hand to an overly-eccentric, successful fur designer, on her 3rd husband, going through round 47 of in-vitro, with an idea that making a jewelry line out of authentic USSR military metals (pins, earrings, necklaces, belt buckles, hats, etc…) was a good idea….and it was just really taking off when Communism fell in 1991 and the metals became worthless almost overnight. It was very much in the "Devil Wears Prada" way in terms of the job expectation, except that my bosses, while certifiable were never mean or cruel…they were lovely and I was treated like a princess.
4. Corporate Insurance Broker Geek – Marsh & McLennan, Inc. (1991-97 and 2006 to present). Once my jewelry world fell apart, one of my bosses put me in touch with this woman he used to date, who had a "real job with a real company." That’s how I landed at Marsh, I’ve held a few jobs at Marsh…but when I went through their corporate training program in the fall of 1993, that was possibly the most fun I’d ever had…weeks away at a time, with peers at off-site facilities for training and learning the industry….ahh the good old days!

4 Films I Could Watch Over and Over (and probably recite verbatim for you too)
1. Sixteen Candles
2. St. Elmo’s Fire
3. Walk The Line
4. Gone With The Wind

4 TV Shows I Watch
1. House – OMG is he NOT the WHOLE PACKAGE?? – Witty, Smart, Delicious and Jaded?
2. Rescue Me – and other FX Show in that same exact day and time slot like Damages, Dirt, Nip/Tuck
3. Brothers & Sisters – I really like to watch Calista Flockhart, so that’s how I got there, and I just love the whole show now. Again, Rob Lowe, the WHOLE package!
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sort of in the Seinfeld vein…. A show about nothing, but from the perspective of someone not afraid to say anything…Larry David is a genius.

4 Places I’ve lived in:
1. Warminster, PA – grew up there & my parents still live in Bucks County.
2. Bologna, Italy – August 1988 – August 1989 – truly the most magnificent place on the planet, full of history, art, beautiful people, good food and memories I’ll never forget.
3. Hoboken, NJ – 1990 – 1993…. The formidable and BEST single years spent there with my dear friend "Chrissy Burger" from High School…ditched (but still love) her for the hubby and a place in Brooklyn…yes, BROOKLYN BABY!
4. Morganville, NJ – 1995 to Present - it’s OK here…typical suburbia, good schools for my boys and some nice friends, but it’s a town FULL of the superficial…. Not so much for me. I’d prefer a bit more old school things, more Victorian, more sidewalks, a downtown area or a main street area.

4 Favorite Foods
1. Pizza…you know L&B Pizza in Brooklyn? That’s PIZZA like none other I’ve had (and I lived in Italy for a year).
2. Salsa…the hotter the better…and I can put it on anything…celery, a rice cake, baked potato, brown rice, tortilla
3. Chocolate…any way, shape or form
4. Mediterranean Foods..Hummus, cous cous, stuffed grape leaves, baba-ganoush, feta, not so much the meat, but any veggie, bean, cheese and grain associated with the Mediterranean world.

4 Web Sites I visit Everyday:
1. http://www.perezhilton.com/ – I’m addicted to celebrity gossip, and he’s the funniest of them all, with the sketches he makes over people’s pictures. It’s shameful, but everyone needs a release.
2. http://www.howardstern.com/ – I’m a long time fan and again for me, it’s an escape (a very funny one) for 4 hours a day….I log in incase I missed something, or to see pictures of his celebrity guests, though I can do with out the strippers.
3. http://www.marykayintouch.com/ – I manage my business from there, fill online orders, set goals, report my accomplishments to my director..learn about new MK products.
4. Other people’s blogs….they are on my links.

4 Favorite Colors:
1. Navy Blue
2. Pink – I think in it
3. Black – A Classic
4. The ‘right" color Beige

4 Places I Would Love to Be Right Now:
1. Paris (DUH…right Anthony?)
2. The Italian Riviera…the French one too
3. Caracas, Venezuela – I have tons of great memories of summers spent there with my cousins who I miss terribly, never a dull moment in that Latin metropolis
4. At a Spa…having a full body scrub, wrap, vitamin c facial, pedicure, manicure and a blow-out!

4 Names I love but would not have / could not have used for my children:
1. Samantha – Long story…someone I know named their daughter that when I was 18…stole my thunder and ruined it for me.
2. Bridget / Miranda / Lilly / Morgan / Gabriella– Some of my favorite girl names that I never got to use with 2 boys.
3. FRIENDS was huge while I was newly married and thinking of being pregnant…I pictured a little Chandler or Rachel.
4. Anthony. I love the name…but I couldn’t risk having more than half the males in the room turn around at a family function when I screamed "Anthony"
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