Sunday, December 30, 2007

OY! Are we done yet? more day left in 2007 and I'm so over 2007 already!

Christmas was....well, there's really no appropriate word for it.

It was overwhelming hosting the Eve and the Day. I won't do that again, only because I felt like I was on my feet for over 24 hours.

The food, all the fish, everything that was catered was delicious..start to finish and all around.

Boys went home with my parents Christmas Day (that night). That was...awful? I had a Britney Spears feeling as my kids drove away from me and I was standing there in the driveway crying. DH and I went to the movies that night...which was strange but nice in a way. We saw "PS I Love You" which is just OK.

Wednesday I went to work...which was really why my boys went home with my parents...that was fine, and DH and I had dinner with his cousin and her husband who live down the street, and that was lovely...a few bottles of wine, good food and great conversation.

Thursday I worked too, but cut my day short and went to Red Bank with Rosa (DH cousin who hosted dinner the previous night). We saw "Atonement" which was also, just OK and did some window shopping, bar hopping and just hanging out. It was a LOT of fun!

Friday I had a crown replaced ( at my 2nd home, the dentist) and went to retrieve my children! We came home Friday night, had dinner and relaxed!

Saturday we went into Brooklyn and had a LOVELY afternoon with M&B's Nonna, their Aunt and Uncle and cousins B, M & L. We had some L&B Pizza...which is the BEST pizza ever!

Today we went to church, did some returns, had lunch and just relaxed!

I'm still soooo pooped and overwhelmed from all the holidaying!

I did manage to use my treadmill almost everyday, which certainly helped keep things where they need to be ;-) That's pretty impressive from the former exercise hater I was less than 6 months made it all better.

Pictures later....and gift descriptions too!
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