Sunday, January 27, 2008

F is for Family

It isn't often that family functions beyond the 4 of us are related to my family. A's family out numbers us by about 10 to 1....Meaning I have 5 first cousins between both my parents sides, and A has at least 50...probably closer to 60 if you sit down and count those living domestically and those living abroad.

So....we get together about once or twice a year with 3 of my 5 cousins...the other 2 I don't really see since, they live out of the country. So, my 3 cousins...their dad and my mom were brother/sister. I knew them only for a short time as a kid, b/c their parents divorced, their mom remarried the nicest man ever (back in the early 1980s), and their dad had a lot of issues of his own and passed suddenly in 1994. 1994 was the first time I saw them probably since the early 1970s. Their dad (mom's brother/ my uncle) passed in April 1994. It was at my wedding that year that we re-connected(they all came) and have kept in contact since then.

My mom is really the event we usually meet at her house which is kind of in the middle for all of us. Last night was our 2008 get together....though really, I'm hoping to have them over in the springtime.

Matty must have a photograph to remember all family's his thing. My dad, of course, loves nothing more than to oblige him, so it's a given that we're always going to take a family picture.

It's interesting now...b/c 2 of my cousins have kids, I have 2 the picture changes often when we take it.

I have to say, looking at us all together in one picture, it was such a lovely dinner and so nice to spend time with my family. We're all a bit dysfunctional in our own way...but it's nice to come together and just be as a family.

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