Tuesday, January 15, 2008

See how far we've come?

First of all...2 posts in less than 24 hours? WOW!

These pictures might not look like anything monumental...2 kids horseback riding...

But, alas, it is truly AMAZING and EXHILIRATING!!!


I never had any success with Matty as a little kid, getting him on a horse...the few times I went along as class mom to the farm, he'd throw up each time and wouldn't even get near the horse. He was always very scared.

Then there's Ben...also very scared of horses...and until this point, refused to even try it.

So, we go to a Fall Festival back in November that was sponsored by SCOPE, the Special Ed PTO I've been a part of since 2000. Of course, I'm the bad mom without a camera...why bring it when you "know" you're kid isn't getting on a horse, or so you think. Thanks to JF for taking pictures and e-mailing them to me....good people are all over the place!

I LOVE when my boys make a liar out of me....they both rode around a couple times, no fear, no coaxing needed. Here's the thing....it was run by people who understand kids with issues and they offer therapeudic horseback riding there, so they get it.

It's moments like those that realize just how much progress special children can make!
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