Monday, January 14, 2008

It's getting better - slowly, but surely

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That last post was abysmal, sorry for that, but it's how I felt.

So things are looking up a bit...we've all made some MAJOR adjustments this week...some badly needed.
Sometimes, it's simply the passing of time that has to occur before things can get better.
Sometimes, you have to come to conclusions for yourself, no matter how many times someone else can tell you what their opinion is.
Sometimes, you just have to put your faith in a power much stronger than yourself and wait for the answer...that's the hardest one, but it's the one that won't steer you wrong.

Enough with the Philosophy lesson.....let's see, where did we leave off?

Matty - went to see the Urologist today....Pediatrician gave me a script back in December for a consult to see one because we were both concerned about the size of his left's almost twice the size of the right one. He doesn't complain of any pain either.

Turns out, it's the same Urologist who did Baby Benji's UPJ obstruction surgery @ 6 weeks old (YIKES is that 5 years ago ALREADY?), so we knew we were in good hands today.

Scary, he remembered us....imagine that....sleep deprived nursing mother, putting her 6 week old new son who only was born with one working kidney under anesthesia because the one kidney he had was blocked and had to be unblocked...born with Fragile X Syndrome, so of course his nervous system is all over the place, he doesn't sedate like a typical 6 week old, he needs the amount for a much bigger baby. OY!

Back to Matty...dx was for possible "continuous hydrocele"...means swelling and improper drainage of a testicle...nice, right? Well, upon examination, Dr. thinks that it might only possibly be the beginnings of...GULP...puberty...where the testicles actually do grow in's just that one might have started and the other will catch up later. He's sending Matty for an ultrasound just to be sure that there isn't anything inside like fluid or cells.

Benji growing a mile a minute...he's so chatty and cute! He's mainstreaming now for part of his day, leaving his sheltered 1:1 self-contained class for a class with more kids (12) that have lesser issues ( still classified pre-schoolers, but high functioning) in our district. Add to that, the 3 afternoons he spends in a typical setting after-care...he's about maxed out.

We started our Challenger Basketball season on Sunday morning....Ben's first time playing...he loved it! He has 2 classmates on his team too. I don't get to watch Matty play nor Anthony coach him since they are in a different gym and we play at the same time.

We had a lovely day at my SIL house on Sunday....she cooked up a storm, tons of good food, and good wine, the men all enjoyed some cigars and scotch outside on the deck, while watching a football game through sliding glass doors...aren't men silly? The trek that is venturing to Nassau County (NY) from Monmouth County (NJ) is one of only 67 miles....but, on a bad day, it's taken up to 3 hours. Talk about that force that is stronger than you looking down upon you when you need it to? 1 hour and 10 minutes each way on the rain the whole way home too (Hey, where is that FRIGGIN SNOW???)'s NEVER going to snow in NJ again! :-( Oh yeah it will....let's see when are we leaving for the hot weather? It'll snow THAT day!

Aunt Paula got to play Wii with 6 ( over fed, over sugared, over tired) children...young LJ was smart to nap through it, plus he's 6 months old, so he wouldn't do much! Matty kicked royal arse in Wii bowling, he's quite the force to be reckoned with. It makes me so happy, b/c he could NEVER master some of those games that are out there...but the Wii is just so simple...Benji Boo bowls too, it's that simple. I highly recommend the's been a great source of play for the 4 of us. it's time for me to feed my brain with some mush....some TV!

Night Night!

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