Monday, February 11, 2008

Does he look lazy?

Because he is...very lazy indeed!
Benjamin had his first take home project to do over the weekend. I dread when homework will become a daily thing for Ben, and then I'll have 2 kids that require 110% of my attention for every bit of their homework.
Matty hates to do homework, and we've had years with tons of homework and years with hardly any. It's still a struggle for him today.
So Ben comes home with a 100 days of school project.
We still have Matty's from Kindergarten. Talk about a labor of love....Matty was in K, and in February of that year, I was 8 months pregnant with Ben. Matty wanted to make a poster of 100 pictures. He did such a great job! We printed them out in 2 inch squares from his computer....he had already had a digital camera since he was 4, so he had tons of photos to choose from on his computer. The teacher saw how proud he was, and had his poster laminated for him, and he stills refers to it often.
For Ben's project we chose stickers since he seems to really like them. We go, get the poster and buy the stickers. Dad has always been good about doing the projects with the boys. My feeling is that I do the daily homework and after school activities, and he does the projects.
So, after dinner (dad wasn't thinking...Ben's much better @ 6am) they sit down to put 100 stickers on the poster board. I sent Matty out of the room so he wouldn't distract Ben, and I went down into my office to do some work.
I did walk through a few times..and each time he called me "Hi Mommy." I laughed..he's such a momma's boy.
I witnessed the following dialog each time I passed through where they were working:
Ben: We done?
Dad: Not yet, Ben
Ben: Where's Matt?
Dad: Upstairs
Ben: Where's Mommy?
Dad: Downstairs
Ben: Almost done?
Dad: Almost
Ben: We done?
and it just went on and on and on... OY! He's so LAZY!!! He couldn't even be bothered putting sitckers ( and we got fun ones....Blues Clues, Dora, sports....)
Lucky for him that he's CUTE!
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