Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Anthony!

I just KNEW that SOMEDAY this picture would come in handy!

Yep! He's having a birthday today! What I don't understand is how he can get up, put on his suit and tie, and go to work in the city like it's any other day?? Maybe he went to see Eli Manning? No way...we're JET fans!

I treat the kids birthdays as well as my own (since I can remember) as THE most special day EVER!

DH chooses to carry on...it would go un-noticed if it weren't for me. We had a nice dinner (adults only) out last Saturday to celebrate.

Matty (forever looking for a reason to party) asked at breakfast this morning if we were taking Daddy to Damon's...his favorite ( to Matty, it's everyone's favorite) restaurant...where dinner is served with 4 giant movie theatre size TV screens, with 4 different channels playing at the SAME TIME....talk about sensory overload....I hate that place.

Well, I said, we'll have to see if that's what Daddy wants. "He will love it" the 10 year old says.

The 4 year old...taking all this in goes "Hey Mommy, how bout me?" Which means...um, isn't it my birthday soon, and WHY are we celebrating Daddy? Isn't everything about ME?

Poor Benji ....you get that false sense that the world revolves around you from your momma!

Happy Birthday Anthony! Someone has to celebrate it! Love, Paula, Matty and Ben!

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