Monday, February 4, 2008

I may be my own lucky charm

You know...there are just somethings that happen to me that make me think I'm lucky.

Seems contradictory from a mom of 2 boys with Fragile X Syndrome....which is supposed to be 50/50 (odds) each time you conceive....yet, in my family, we have it 100% of the time, not 50%. My grand-mother had 2 kids, both carriers, my mom has 3 kids, 1 carrier (me) and 2 fully affected, and I have 2 fully affected boys. That might be a blessing, but it's not lucky.

I seem to bring myself luck when I gamble. I don't think you can be "good" at gambling. Granted, there are definitely bad gamblers....those who make bets you know can't win, those who don't know when to stop. etc...

I don't play any high skilled games...yes, I know how to play blackjack, 3 card poker, let it ride...etc. I almost always win when in a casino....I don't gamble high stakes, so I don't win much, but I walk away with more than I came with 99% of the time.

Yesterday was no exception....I won 1 quarter in my office football pool ($25) and $100 in an improptu family pool at the party were were at yesterday. Total investment $40 ($20 in each pool) and total return $125, three times the investment.

I wish I could make 3x my money in every investment I made....I'd be one wealthy woman.

Ahhhhhh....seems so easy!
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