Monday, February 18, 2008

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

WOW! While I'm thankful for having the day off while my husband had to go into NYC today since his company was open, and our vacation days are already spoken for in 2008 and I was off like the boys, today has been quite a gloomy day.

My entire household has been suffereing from a severe head cold (self-exempted) since Thursday. First Anthony, then Matty and by Friday afternoon, Ben. Timing wasn't too bad...Matty had to be picked up from school early Thursday, which I expected but I wanted him to enjoy at little Valentine's Day celebrating. Anthony called in sick Thursday and Friday. I went into work Friday as usual, and my mom (bless her soul) came to help A out with the kids who were off Friday as well as today. That's what I mean about the timing not being were home anyway, so no one missed anything.

Anthony was disappointed he was sick, b/c he was hoping to surprise the 3 of us with a night away in the mountains at an indoor water park...but with him being the sickest of all....that wasn't happening.

So I basically cared for 3 sick people all weekend, made tea, wiped runny noses, dosed out tylenol and motrin for aches and pains every few hours, refilled cool mist humidifiers, constantly sprayed lysol all over everything...opened windows every few hours so fresh air could come in....can you imagine that today it's 65 degrees in NJ in February? Scares the crap out of warming is a reality.

I didn't mind really...I was in full blown mommy time for much of anything else....caught up on my TIVO while kids napped/slept, had plenty of time to get on the treadmill (which I swear is what keeps me healthy...well, that and an Airborne twice a day to boost immunity) and just relax.

But Monday sucks no matter how you slice's gloomy here....dark like it's going to downpour, even though the windows are open and the heat is not running.

I hate to make dinner on Mondays (which I've done already). I did 2 loads of laundry...folded and put away as well....purged the playroom on the first floor as well as the basement playroom...2 huge bags of garbage later.

Still not happy today....cranky in fact!

Tuesday will be better...hopefully Ben will be well enough to go to school...Matty's definitely going, A's working....and I can work from home, see my trainer, do some grocery shopping and carry on!
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