Sunday, March 16, 2008

God doesn't like ugly.....

You know? I had 2 comments re: my Thursday post that were from unknown users...browser hijackers!
They post things HERE and Warning! They want you to click on their link and then they own your browser and in the end, your PC. It happened to me about a year and a half ago....I unknowingly cliked on a link in an e-mail and itstead of clicking on the X to shut the pop up, I foolishly clicked the No button in the window.....I had no control of my browser after that.
My IE ONLY pointed to the page of this malware software....and I had to have my hard drive professionally a good friend's husband.

Now.....I see that these super mean people are posting 2 comments on my blog....and I deleted their comments, but for the safety of everyone reading this, I will moderate coments from now on, so that I don't have to delete them once they are here.

Happy Palm Sunday ;-)
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