Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...

Here's a quickie picture of Ben from my parent's house last Saturday...Happy 70th Birthday Papa! Here's my dad and my husband....
I work from home today...already started my day. I have to get the kids up at
8, shower them both and dress them, give them breakfast, and send them to school at 8:45. I see my trainer @ 9:30 for an hour. Cleaning lady comes at 12:30, Ben comes home @ 12:30, Matty @ 1:30...because you know, you need a week of half-days the week before spring break starts!?!?!
We had a meeting last night with Matty's 5th grade teacher, and discovered that the suggestion to send him out of district to a private school started with her. We didn't talk about Matty's progress, we talked about why he should not go to the middle school in the district. I still have a tough time talking about it, and got teary eyed in front of the unprofessional of a special needs mom!
We have one more private school to look at and then we want to observe the program in place in the middle school in district. That's priority 1 after vacation.
I have so much errand running to do today too. Have to get a birthday gift for a boy in Ben's KA class, who has a pajama birthday party from 5-7 on Saturday. I have fundraising distribution to do in one of the schools. Have to return something I bought in the mall. Both boys have speech from 4:15 to 5:15. I have to schlep them with me to an IPL appointment @6:30 since my sitter is not free. What a day it's going to be.
Plus, we're going away at the end of next week...We have to pack, which we can't do, since we haven't told the boys to avoid distracting behavior in school. Ha! Imagine their surprise when I tell them Wednesday night that we're going on a plane on Thursday!
A week to go....and sooooo much to do!
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