Monday, March 3, 2008

Is it really March already?

Wow....March 2008!

We're going to look at a private school for Matty tomorrow. There. I said it out loud. I was completely blind-sided when my CST called me and wanted me to go look at a school for Matty. A private school in another town. A school that is not part of our district. Wow. Yes, we've been having behavioral issues. Yes, I requested a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and got one. Yes, I know the meds aren't doing all they are supposed to be doing....but it's sooo much to juggle, it's like a recipe that you have to tinker with so much, that you're never sure if it's going to be good or not.

But "out of district"....I've only been a part of the special needs community here for 8 years, but traditionally OOD placements are the children with criminal history, emotionally disturbed, severely affected by what ails them. Not my 11 year old with Fragile X Syndrome! And it's not b/c he's my son and he's so special(though truth be told, he is ;-) ). It makes me physically ill to think about plucking him out of my school district and sending him out.

It's more of why can't my school district make a program to fit his needs? What's the purpose of his IEP? Isn't that the license you need to tailor a program? It's March, in 6 months you can't make a program for him when he enters middle school? I realize it's a transition year, and middle school is a completely different setting than elementary.

Why do they have to send him to a place where no one knows him, and we have to start all over? I don't know... I have to keep an open mind when looking at this school. It just saddens me that I've worked so hard to make his program right for him, and it feels like it was all for nothing.

And Ben is transitioning to Kindergarten. I had a meting last week to discuss the re-evaluation process for him and what the options are for him. I sat there with his teacher, SLP, and a member of his CST. The CST (Psych) suggested that we place him in an autistic Kindergarten. I nearly fell out of my seat. I looked at the teacher, who saw my dismay and feared she'd have to restrain me. My son? Yes, he's in an ABA environment in the AM, however, he's the most verbal in his class. He mainstreams out of this class, and to a less restricted class in the PM, and 3 days a week, after school, he goes to a typical pre-school. You want to put my son in a restrictive environment? With exploring the possibility of mainstreaming after a "few months"?

I'm nauseated now....must stop typing!
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