Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oprah gained a fan today...ME!...

You know...I DVR Oprah every day just because, well, it seems like such a mommy thing to do.
Turth be told, I rarely watch the episode...but I will if I know in advance that it's something I want to see...anything about children and autism spectrum disorders, health and fitness, shopping, home makeovers, people makeovers, etc...
I really enjoyed Monday's episode with Valerie Bertinelli, and learned a LOT about her that I didn't know.
Today also proved to not disappoint. WOW!
I don't like (achem..try not) to blog about Rick Springfield too much...because let's be honest, I lose a little credibility each time I do. I'm a full-time working mom with 2 Fragile X kids, a great husband, wonderful family, I am very involved with my kids and their "stuff" and it leaves little time for much else! Truth is, I love his music, and he saved my life in many ways because of his music...and a chance to see him sing live, is to me, more than a little slice of heaven.
By far, it was the most relaxed Rick I have ever seen. He really found a peer in Oprah. He was totally comfortable talking to her, and she did her thing...she asked some out of the norm questions, which I LOVED.
That's ALL I'm sayin......
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