Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catch Up Post # 2 - The boys see Rick Springfield

This took place almost 2 weeks ago now...that gives you a sense of how far behind I am. Click the title to see the pictures.

Long story LOVE to watch Rick. He put out a live DVD about 2 years ago, and since then, my boys have been in love with him. Don't get me wrong, I tried for years to influence them, I needed more people around me on Team Rick, but it never seemed to boys were more into age appropriate stuff...the Wiggles, Laurie Berkner, etc....which is fine.

Once they had a visual of Rick, it exploded from there....we now have 2 guitars (not kiddie ones either), 2 sets of drums, microphone....etc. It's a stage in front of the big screen for the 2 of them...surround get it.

Against all odds, we took the kids to see Rick at the State Theater in New Brunswick (NJ). We got tickets for the 10th row (a sacrifice to me, I like to sit closer..HA!) but in a small theater, we were still in VERY close range, and I was panic stricken when we got there to see how close we still were, 10 rows back.

I have to say, they had the times of their lives! They both had sound blocking headphones, but Matty took his off after a song or 2, since it was unusually not loud for a Rick show.
Rick crowd surfs each time he performs, and as if someone was looking over us, he came straight to our row, gave our Ben a pinch on the cheek and tousled his hair, his wild hand flapping and laughter giving away what a good time he was having...Matty got a high 5 too. Priceless!

These are Matty's pics from that night....not bad. It was a good time! I think my Rick Springfield circle has become might be the end of the road for this.

I'm ready for some closure...and taking my kids to see what I've been obsessed about since age 13, It's like I'm done with this now. My husband has been MORE than tolerant AND supportive as concerns Rick....I want it to end on a high note....we might have achieved this.

Enjoy Matty's pics.....Ben's Birthday Party still to come!
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