Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catch-Up Post #1, Our Trip to Cancun

Our stay in Cancun was wonderful. Anthony and I had been there in our single days in the late 1980s, but it looks nothing like what each of us remembered.
The Royal Solaris Cancun was the perfect place for us. It was not far from the airport. It is an all-inclusive hotel with a choice of pools, choice of restaurants, a beautiful beach, everything we were looking for.
We arrived about 2pm Thursday and were in the pool by 3pm. Kids love to fly, and that just makes it easier on everyone. Our flights were on time, and without incident.
We did nothing but swim and play with the kids for the next 3 days. Sunday we took the boys to a "Wet N Wild" water park, which was a LOT of fun.
Admittedly, I was nervous about the Royal Solaris and Mexico. When I told people that we were going to Cancun, they sort of made a frown and said "Be careful of the food and don't drink the water." Let me tell you something...the food was amazing...bountiful, huge selection and around the clock availability. The fruit was so fresh, great vegetables, great Mexican dishes....The tap water is filtered and we all drank it (in the restaurants) and we didn't have one single issue. Everything was just as I had hoped.
If you click on the Title of this post (link) you can see Matty's pictures that he took with his digital camera.
Please note that the pictures that have all 4 of us, Matty picked a location and set it up with a timer...he's amazing.
More posts later....Ben's Birthday Party(3/29), the kids see Rick Springfield (3/28), I see my favorite General Hospital characters (3/30)...
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