Thursday, April 17, 2008

This man....

You know...this picture deserved a post. A's friend e-mailed him this picture. We were all all the same Sweet 16 last Friday night and Anthony and I had a great date night out.
Look at this man...first of all, he's very handsome. When I look at this man in this picture, I know why I married him, I know why he's a really great husband and father.
Those who know us both, know that we are polar opposites on most things...except the things that count, how we raise our special children, how we manage our home life, our financial life, and how we treat each other.
I love him with my whole heart and soul...with every part of my being.
And I'm lucky, and I know it.
My marriage has been VERY challenging to different times, and in different ways, for the last 14 years. And I know that I'm in the minority in that these challenges have made my marriage stronger, the ground we stand on is firm, but it wasn't always. The first few years were very hard, and then we had Matty. That alone could have shattered everything. Having 2 special children would shatter most marriages, and I understand how it could. Let's not forget the 6 years in between M & B and what we went through to get a sibling for Matty.
But I married THIS man. And this man has a heart like no one I know. This man can embrace and love unconditionally. He always tries to do the right thing, he NEVER puts himself first.
He puts me first. He has since we started dating in April of 1992, since he asked me to marry him in June 1993 and especially since we married in June of 1994.
He still puts me first, and he worries about my happiness and well being. He cares that my life is everything I want it to be.
He puts our boys first too. He has a lot of love to go around.
Let's be real though...he's not perfect.
He has issues like all of us, and some of his issues break my heart, but out of respect for him, I won't talk about them here. Some of you reading know how it's been for me the past few years where A's family is concerned, but we seem to be moving in the right direction finally...and God willing, amends can be made before it's too late.
I digress....I love this face looks great to me almost 1 year post reconstructive surgery. We look like an old married couple out on a date enjoying husband...43 years young....handsome as ever....and I adore him!
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