Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Too much......

We are slowly recuperating from what seems to have been a month long party. We 4 are all beyond tired.
Ben's 5th Birthday was on 3/28 and he had an action packed party weekend. Matty's 11th Birthday was on 4/19 and his week long celebration culminated in a family part here on Sunday with about 30+ family and friends at home. In between, we had other parties to go to, days off from school it seems to me that from 3/28 to 4/28 was one big blur....a never ending party.
My SIL and her 3 kids ( twins 5 days younger than Matty and a son a few weeks older than Ben) were in NY last week from VT for her kids spring break....it was so great to see them and my kids had a ball playing together with the 3 of them, and my other SIL's 3 kids too....my MIL had all 8 of her grandchildren at her house in Brooklyn Friday night...what beautiful chaos that was...I cherish moments like that. True family fun at it's core.
That said....seriously.....I'm done...I know as we get older we become less tolerant. I just don't think I could have another party in my home in the near future.
And watch what you wish for....because it just might come true.
So, how can you insure that you won't have to entertain and host people in your home for an extended period of time? You gut and re-model your kitchen. Yep, that's the plan. Seems extreme, I know, but it's been about 7 years that we've been wanting to do this since when we bought this house (new) in 1995, we didn't take any upgrades in the house since we were literally broke after sinking so much into the down payment of the house. We kept thinking, we'll update it in a year or 2....and along the way, we've upgraded all the appliance. But, 13 years later, it's time for real wood cabinets, so since it all has to be ripped out, we might as well replace the appliances again, since some are already 10 years old, and not working they way they should.
So...we've got that going on now....construction to begin about end of June. Before and after pics will be shared here.
Anthony got me a digital camera a few weeks ago...one of those slim Olympus ones I can carry in my purse. 39 years old, my first digital. Matty's on his 3rd camera....but I'm still attached to the 300mm zoom of my SLR film camera. Yes, I mail film out to be developed....how old school!
I'm still reading the manual and taking many pictures along the way....when I get to the part in the manual where they tell you how to download, I'll post some pics here.
At work I'm completely engulfed and overwhelmed with a project that will have me in NYC for a few days for meetings.
Plus....it's almost decision time for the boys and their educational futures, their summer programs, etc. Both boys are "graduating"...one from Pre-school going to K and one from Elementary going to Middle....so there are ceremonies to attend, special field trips, parties, (NOT in my house!!) etc...
More later....
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