Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So, a lot of things have happened since my last entry.
Last Thursday, Anthony got a call at work that Matty had been accepted into our town Rec Camp, that a space opened up after someone withdrew, and they offered it to the 2 kids in front of him on the waiting list who turned it down. Matty’s number came up! I had to go down and register him in person. I filled out all the paper work yesterday at work so that I could make photocopies, etc. He can take a bus from within our development with the other kids going to camp. They take them to the rec center, and then they get on another bus to go to their locations depending on grade. The 5th grade camp is trip oriented, so 3 days a week, they go somewhere. I was relieved to hear that, because not only was Camp Robin (what he’s used to) that way, but to just sit in the schools and swim at the town pool in the afternoon would bore Matty. Am I nervous about letting Matty take the bus alone with the big kids? Um, bad mom that I am, I let him take the bus like this when he attended the Rec Camp after K and 1st Grade. I pulled him out for Camp Robin b/c at the time our Rec Camp wasn’t able to accommodate kids with special needs, and it became apparent that Matty needed someone to encourage him to participate. Now, he’ll has his own counselor to encourage him and keep him focused.
So, that problem has been solved! So, we thought. A got a call on his way home last night from our original camp’s director (the one who called and told us that they were max-ed out and could no way take Matty) who asked A if he could come there to register Matt ?!?!?! We asked Matt which camp he wanted to go to, and he clearly wants to ride the big bus with the kids in the neighborhood and go to the Rec Camp.
When it rains it pours, right? We had no camp, and now we have 2 camps! It’s a much better decision to have to make.
I populated our June Calendar on Sunday evening after I thought I had put the boys to bed. Thanks Matty! Matty got out of bed about 20 minutes later and goes "Mommy, you forgot to change the calendar." The boy can’t do complex math, but his internal clock tells him that the calendar in the kitchen needs to be changed? I was surprised to find that there were no white spaces when I was done….it was June 1st and we easily have ¾ of the days accounted for. Between school meetings, school ceremonies, doctors
appointments, parties, kitchen re-model, start of camp for the kids, my surgery, etc…it’s all spoken for. I think I’m free on the 17th…anyone want to go out for coffee?
I’m having minor (in and out) surgery late this month. The plastic surgeon who did my cross nerve regeneration surgery is concerned that though the nerves seem to be live, a year later, the left side of my face is still not 100% and it probably won’t be without some help, since 10 years of atrophy have done their damage. He’s doing a re-suspension (lift/tuck) of the left side of my mouth and chin. I already have face lift incisions from the nerve surgery, so he’ll use that opening. Shouldn’t take more than an hour, and my mom will drive me and bring me home. I will be able to work from home for a few days, and should be fine.
The madness never stops…..ha!
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