Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to reality

My trip to the West Coast was AMAZING....we covered a LOT of ground over 4 days! We truly partied like rock stars, though we could have used a chauffeur in the LA traffic, that would have made it a little better!
Home safe and sound since Friday evening, and had a tremendous family filled weekend with my family...very lucky! My kids thought THEY were rock stars going to bed after 10 each night because we were out at other people houses!
So, not to diminish the WONDERFUL time I had with my GFs, but of course you know there were disasters at home that A had to put out and spared me of the details while I was gone.
After I put the boys to bed on Friday night, A and I were going to just hang out (read: me keep him company while he strips a wall of wall paper out of the kitchen) - (BTW, he's really on target with all that has to be done, not like his "loosey goosey think she's a rock star groupie wife").

So, I figure I'll do some Internet surfing while talking to him and while he's wall-paper stripping. I get his laptop from the living room, I surf the same sites, so I know they are all saved in his address bar, so I pull it down, and I see the addresses of a bunch of summer camps for kids with special needs. And I'm confused. Summer camp has been a slam dunk in this house for at least the past few summers....both kids set with their programs, we have them transported privately, it's a well run machine.
So, I question my dear dear husband as to why there are camps in his pull down address bar? And he goes pale. He does NOT want to have that discussion with me. He doesn't want to bring me down. Again, how did this sensitive man marry me? How does my happiness remain in the fore front of his mind?
Long story short...right after I left, A gets a call from the man who runs Matty's camp. Matty attends (last 5 summers) as an out of town camper, since technically, it's in the next town over. And all along, they say that out of towners can attend, but residents get priority...naturally. They have a cap of 100 campers. They hadn't had in person registration yet (that's today, the 27th) but have already reached their quota with residents, so as a courtesy, they called the families of out of town campers who attended in the past to apologize and say, sorry, we can't take your kid.
I had the wind knocked out of me as A was telling me this story...good thing he didn't tell me on vacation, I would have gone back to LAX and come straight home.
Since then, A called the same camps (sort of funny and ironic because I went down this road "alone" about 5 years ago with a newly born Ben, looking for the right program to put Matty in) that I did. He called everyone he knew that might know something about special needs summer camp, set up appointments, put Matty on a waiting list, etc....he was pro-active WITHOUT involving me.
WOW! I can't even think about what his week was like while I was vacationing, he's sweating about summer camp for our older son. :-(
So now, we have to scramble to find the right program in the next few weeks. I will pick up the ball at this point, but he really made the first phone calls and everything. We're set with school for the fall (for Matty), and opted to go with the school and the program our district originally suggested, and they offered M admission after meeting him. Ben's IEP has been scheduled for the 12th of June....nothing like waiting til the last minute, right?
Back soon with an update....once it's all figured out, we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming of my pictures from California!
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