Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching Up!

Wow! I hate when more than a week goes by and I don't blog :-(
So I've returned from the 11th International Fragile X Conference in St. Louis...which was hellish to get to, after a 9 hour wait in the airport, but after a short nap in the hotel from 4-7 am, Lisa and I were ready to go on Thursday morning!
The conference was full of great information, but I have to learn that I must arrive the day before it begins and leave after it ends....I definitely had NO time to hang with some people I wanted to hang with! I did meet fellow Fragile X Moms and Super Bloggers Erika and Kristie in person, which was a treat, albeit a brief one! Next time ladies, we'll lunch....maybe Detroit in 2010? How about end of July? MBL....shout out to you BELLA! When it's in your town, you'll show me around!
The conference itself is bittersweet. One part of me feels so empowered and motivated to raise awareness and care for my children. The other part is that brutal reality of it all, and their futures when I'm gone. Balance is the key I think....a fine tuning if you will of the pros and cons of raising children with any kind of special needs.
I will blog separately about this, but a film was shown called "Including Samuel" which was mind blowing in the sense that there are schools that "include" children in schools is every true sense of the word, which is rare. The documentary film was made by a father (Dan Habib) of a disabled child. Very powerful! This film should be a MUST for every Teacher, Principal, etc...where special children are included with typically developing peers.
More too! I promise!
PS - My mom is doing much better, thanks to all who contacted me...she much less dizzy and re-gaining her strength back!
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