Thursday, July 10, 2008

First day of not being employed

It's so strange...this morning, I had no laptop to sign in to, no Sametime to IM my work friends policies to analyze. It's a yucky yet freeing feeling.

I know this much about myself...I'm good for nothing when I have time on my hands. I don't really procrastinate, but I find myself with inopportunity.

For instance...this morning...woke up @ 6 because the dog we're sitting is up at like 5 and makes a TON of noise! I walk her, play with her, make coffee, make lunch for Matty and pack both kids knapsacks for camp.

I get both kids up, dress them, shower, get them to camp...and the granite people are here. That takes about 2 hours....counter tops only. No drilling holes for the sink, it hasn't arrived yet :-(

At this point it's 11:30...have some errands to run, but I don't have enough time b/c my cleaning lady arrives @12:30 and I like to be here to greet her, update her on what's she's going to be doing since she can't do anything in the kitchen.

She arrives @ 12:35...OK, now I can go out...uh no, the phone rings, the guy from the granite people (not the installers who were here in the morning, but the template guy) needs to come and take his measurements for the back splash, since it couldn't be templated until the counter tops got installed. He's about an hour away, be here by 1:45. Today? Um, yes ma'am, if you want the back splash installed next week. OK

I really have nothing mandatory to do, I'm used to not leaving the house on the days I worked from home, with the exception of seeing my trainer. Plastic Surgeon hasn't cleared me to work out for another 2 weeks, so I can't do that. So, while I'd like to have a manicure and pedicure, it's not in the cards today.

When Matty gets home from camp, he needs to change quickly, we need to pick up Ben and then drive to Newark and pick up Anthony at the PATH station where he commutes to the city from and we're driving to Montclair, NJ to see a NJ Jackals game. That's minor league baseball. It's a Fundraiser for Fragile X Syndrome run by another mom in NJ with a child with Fragile X.

Coincidentally, a friend, who was my roommate junior year @ Dickinson College (which we spent living in Bologna, Italy) lives in Montclair with her husband and 2 boys, so they are joining us.

We re-connected in 2006 after losing touch sometime after graduation from college in 1990 and before I got married in's a bit foggy to me why and how we lost touch. In late 2006, I sent a story to Dickinson Magazine about Fragile X and how my 2 kids were affected and she e-mailed me and we've been in touch. We spent a day at the beach last summer, and now we're going up to where they live. I'm really excited to see her, she's so great! He husband is very sweet too as are her boys.

So, tomorrow I have to try to run some errands in anticipation of my 40th Birthday celebration # 2 (#1 in LA back in May) weekend in Atlantic City (at the Borgata) with girlfriends of mine from Dickinson that I lived with the 3 years I lived on campus. We started out as a group of 8, with adjoining rooms for 2 nights. We're down to 4, so we're in one room. It's ridiculously expensive to sleep at the Borgata, but they have a great spa we're going to Saturday, and we're having dinner it should be fun, even though life happened to 50% of us, and we're only 4's still going to be very fun!

So, I might not have a job, but there is still a LOT of kitchen things happening....and the kids are really busy, and let's not forget the dog sitting ;-)
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