Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How did I manage to work full-time for the last 2 years???

Let's re-cap my day so' 5:15PM here....Wednesday afternoon

6am - get up thanks to A's alarm ringing since 5:30am....he's still sleeping of course, I'm the only one who hears it. Don't have to be awake since I have no job to go to. Technically, I can sleep in til about 7:30 til I have to get the boys up for camp. Normally, when going to work, I'd be out the door on my way before 6am.

6:15 - Make some some e-mail, cruise some sites....

7 - go back upstairs to make my bed, put away laundry....see that B is awake...take him potty, chat with him for about 20 minutes with repetitive questions like "Is Matty awake?" Is Daddy working?" Questions he knows the answer to, but has to ask...OVER and OVER.

7:45...get Matty up, wash and dress them both for camp...make M's lunch for him (B gets b-fast and lunch at his camp). Make sure kids have their sunscreen, hats and sun glasses in their knapsacks.

8:10 drop Matty off at the camp bus...which comes late at 8:25 instead of big deal.
8:35 drop Ben off
8:50 - arrive @ CVS to refill the kids vitamin rx and see if the Pharmacist will give me 1 Vyvanse for Matty in the event that the script which I called his neuro for on Monday doesn't come in today's mail, b/c I gave him his last one today. Nope, can't do it he's a type 2 class drug, you need a new script EVERY 30 days, they can't be written with a refill. I know this....but I'm anticipating the script (like yesterday) and am afraid he'll miss a dose if the rx doesn't come in the mail today. Sorry he can do. Oh, and by the way, the .5 mg and 1mg vitamins yours kids take, prescribed by their pediatrician...on back-order for at least 90 days. Suggest you try OTC ones WITHOUT iron and I'll (Pharmacist) call the Ped for a Fluoride rx for the boys...great I think, another pill to chew in addition to the vitamin.
9:15 - home with a fresh hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee...LARGE, 2 splenda and skim milk....ahhh!!!!!!!!!! Make phone calls, take care of about 12-15 things I have been meaning to do for the last 30 days.
11 - have to get in the shower....have to leave @12:15 to see my plastic surgeon who is taking the staples out of my head today.
11:05...while in shower.....OH NO!!!!!! Boys don't have towels with them and they BOTH have water activities this afternoon.....
11:50 back in the car....drop off a towel for B and drive ACROSS town to M's camp to the assistant director...which was good, I wanted to know how he was doing @ camp....he's the only kid with special needs in his group. She says he's doing great, having his lunch and I can go into the caf and give him his towel. He's sitting with other kids...but he's sucking his wrist...a self-stim thing that I just draws attention and I constantly stop him when I see him do it...he NEVER does it @ home b/c I constantly tell him to stop. OY! He has time to self-stim? What else is going on here?
12:00 back in the car...I decide I have time to go to Freehold Glass (totally out of my way) and order the shelves I need (have the wood template in my truck) for 2 corner cabinets that have glass doors.
12:25 - order 6 glass shelves (leave them the template) and on my way to see the Dr.
1:05 - arrive @ plastic surgeon's find the waiting room FULL of people....OY! He's WAY too popular, my him, but he's MY doctor! ;-) I hate to share.
1:45 - FINALLY get in to see him..and only HALF the staples are coming out :-( WHAT??????? Nope, he goes, you are a SLOW I didn't already know that..come back Monday (OY....again???) and I'll take the rest out....great...4 more days of not being able to wear glasses or sunglasses and staples STILL in my hairline! EXCELLENT! "OH, and that fat we injected into your now black and blue chin???? I don't like the way it looks" says the Dr. "Good, me neither!" I say. We'll think of something to inject in there to make your chin look normal he says...great...non-surgical this time, he promises.

2:30 arrive back in the funeral home for a of my neighbors lost her mom yesterday, so I stopped there this afternoon to pay my respects.
2:55 leave funeral home
3:02 arrive home....cabinet guy (from the manufacturer of my new cabinets) is waiting in the driveway...right on time for a 3pm appt. The cabinet installers had called the manufacturer to fix some blemishes and answer some of my questions... that's what I like...efficiency. Show the guy some of my concerns...most he touched up on the spot, some are part of the wood and nothing to be done, and the 2 cabinets I ordered the glass shelves for earlier today, well, they need these insert panels, 1/4" think that will of course alter the measurements of the 6 shelves I ordered today....cabinet guy asks me to call glass guy and wants to talk to him himself....they work it out with the new dimensions...excellent.
3:25....say bye to the cabinet guy...pick up mail....oooooh, M's rx came.....right in the car....drop off at CVS window....need it in an HOUR, no way I'm going out in the car again once I get Ben from camp, with the driving I did today? At the current price of gas???
3:35 pick up M at his bus stop....bring him home....take washer clothes, put them into the dryer, fold the load I dried this AM.
4:25...go pick up Ben at camp
4:45...pick up rxs at CVS....pharmacist has worked out the fluoride tablet thing with my PED
5:00 - playing the Wii...folding laundry....what's for dinner...quite challenging with no sink yet.
5:15 - time to blog.....I'll feel better

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