Friday, September 12, 2008

The American Express Scam for Fragile X

You've heard of races for cures, walks for cures, marathons, get the drift.
Here's a new might have noticed for the past 4 weeks I had a logo on the upper right corner of my blog, encouraging people who use American Express to vote for this new "members Projects" that they were promoting, since there was a Fragile X driven project.
And it received sooooo many votes! As a community, we were very excited...
and then it sort of went away
we were ranked so high
we didn't make the cut
but why not?

So....I've come to find out why....but it's written so beautifully and eloquently HERE
Thank-you Scott Greenfield!

Thank-you from my fellow FX moms Kristie and Beth too....I was reading their blogs today and saw it addressed there too!
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