Sunday, September 7, 2008

JETS...Jets, Jets, Jets

I think Anthony has waited his whole life for the moment this picture was taken.
He has himself, his 2 sons and his wife...all wearing JETS shirts!
Can you tell what today was all about? First JETS game of the season. Look a those BOYS in their official NFL JETS Jerseys!!!! I was teary eyed as we bought them last weekend in preparation.
No, we aren't fair weather fans either....just because the boys are wearing Favre's #4...they wore #10 (Pennington, former QB) the past few years.
Me? Philadelphia Eagles fan in my soul....I remember when the Eagles lost the Superbowl in January 1980 to the Oakland Raiders like it was devastating. JETS Fan ( by marriage) for the past 16 seasons....and truly, I feel such empathy for them as a's been really HARD being a JETS Fan...but my husband NEVER waivers, he'd NEVER root for another team. Just who he is...he's a die hard in everything he does.
My parents came by to see the boys this morning, so we had a photographer in the house!
Oh, and the JETS won too! 2008 Season Record....1-0 BABY!
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