Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been remiss about blogging...

I feel like I haven't blogged in FOREVER!

First, you'll notice that I've updated the look of this blog...Thank-You Ally for that!!!

So...9 days until Disney....while it's very exciting and we're beyond fortunate to even be going...I can't really get on board with the excitement...maybe because there is SOOO much else happening!

So...A has his new job...he started 10/1...same company, but in NJ and less than 25 minutes from say that is NICE is an understatement. Of course, there's a "glitch" with his position, and it won't be decided until 11/ it could all end as quickly as it started and he'd be back in NYC...not we're keeping our fingers crossed that TPTB make the RIGHT decision and A gets to stay in his new position in NJ...enough said there.

Me? Going back to work! You didn't think I could stay home...did you? After being unemployed since July, I was fortunate to get a call from an old friend that changed everything. I will be keeping a similar schedule to what I had....3 days working @ home, but now 1 day in NYC and 1 day....get ready....1 day NOT WORKING! A day to myself each week! Seriously, who's better than me? It's insurance related work, similar to what I was doing @ it's stuff I already know. Really, things like that don't happen to me, where someone comes out of the blue and offers me a job that fits my lifestyle with the boys and I'm really excited about that.

Boys are doing really well....they don't have a minute to rest....everyday after school we have an activity....pretty tiring....Matty is being 11 ( good and bad) and had his new cell phone taken away for sending an inappropriate text message to our sitter....can you imagine? Nothing mean, just a bit sexy for an 11 year old boy and his 17 year old sitter....poor thing...she sent it to me so I could see it for myself, and she's OK with it, she knows he doesn't "get it" but that he rides the bus with much older kids and hears a bunch of colorful things....for example.... a couple weeks ago, Matty was in the kitchen with me and the sitter...and he goes"
Matty: "Hey Mommy...know what XXX told me today on the bus?"
Paula: "No Matty, what did he tell you?"
Matty: "XXX said that Britney Spears is his girlfriend and that she eats his shorts"
Paula: " Wow...Matty, do you know what that means?"
Matty: "It means she smells his underwear"
Paula: " Better never to say things like that Matty....that's completely inappropriate"
Matty: "OK Mommy"

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not ready for that...yet...

Benji Boo is doing so great in K...such a good so hard all's like he does K twice each day the way I set him he's TIRED! After all the after school stuff, he's ready for dinner, bath and bed by 8pm. Such a lovey that Benji!

Kitchen....window treatments ordered...fabric to recover the new chairs ordered...seats are a mint green chenille...not me so much, so I ordered a tobacco colored leather to recover them and I can easily wipe them clean too...

Still coughing...week 5, but not as much anymore...been to the DR so many times....OY! Got the patch for motion sickness for the cruise part of the Disney trip..never been on a boat before....ON PURPOSE...would rather fly around the world and stop in every state and take off again rather than get on a boat...but that's me. It's amazing what you do for your kids!

Loving some of Fall TV...really into True Blood in HBO ( and not normally a big fan of things vampire, but this show is very....interesting) also liking Life on Mars as far as new shows go...and then there's my staples....House, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Brothers and Sisters, Lipstick Jungle....

oh and did you know that I'm from Philadelphia...HAHAHA!

Um.....GO PHILLIES! Sorry Honey Pie, the Mets gotta be in it to win it...and they aren't in it!

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