Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin Picking 2008

Things are looking good here...we've already been pumpkin picking!!  This Holiday is on the "fast track" this year....everything has been sped up just enough....we are leaving on a vacation on 11/2...and so, Halloween needs to be completely put away on 11/1...no time to relish in the after glow of the sugar stupor...so we've started the month long celebration already. 
The boys (all 3) are much more fond of this holiday than even Christmas....I don't know why, I personally could do without Halloween.  We have as many if not more decorations for Halloween than we do Christmas...and if you know us....that's a LOT of STUFF.
That said, we took the boys pumpkin picking this weekend with our dear friends, The Coppolas... their 3 children are adorable...and are a good mix with my 2...we vacation together, we try to spend as much time together as schedules allow.  The husbands have been friends since high school....so even as couples, we go wayyyy back and I just LOVE them!

Here's some pictures.....  Please note in the 2nd photo...Ben is literally playing "duck, duck, goose"...He's too much sometimes!

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