Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bad Karma... post about Thanksgiving was a bit on the negative...sorry about that....I had no idea what a crappy day could be...until today. 
Today was a day for me to run errands and get things done....I started as soon as the boys went off to school.
I had to go to the grocery store for two items....milk and those Tostitos with a hint of lime...they are Matty's all time favorite snack food, and we ran out like Sunday and he's been asking me each day if I got them.  My regular grocery store didn't have them, so extra stop # 1 was to a 2nd grocery store...mind you, my grocer wasn't out of them, their display looked as though they NEVER carried them...UGH!  I find them at the 2nd store and buy 3 as not not have to shop for them again this week.
Then I go pick up the Christmas picture cards....get home, short an 8x10 and have to return the 4x8 envelopes they gave me Sunday b/c when I pick up the cards today, turns out they are never ended.  Again....UGH!
Take Ben to Wendy's for lunch ( his choice...he likes to dine in) and we wait 25 minutes IN LINE TO ORDER...he's patient as can's where he wants his lunch, I was ready for a straight jacket. UGH.
Then I go to buy my bus ticket to go to the city tomorrow...and the place I get them from has their ticket machine missing...out for, WTH?
Every phone call I made, I didn't reach anyone....
It was just a non-productive, defeated day for me....I'm DONE!!
Tomorrow is my day this week in the city....I'm BEYOND excited to get out of this house and get dressed up like an adult and talk to OTHER ADULTS!!!  It's my company's Christmas party as there's an added bonus!

More's GOT to get BETTER....right?
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