Friday, December 5, 2008

Two of my Favorites in one photo!


OK, I'm not the world's biggest fan of Madonna....but I do listen to all her music, and her personal life aside, I do admire how hard she worked to get to where she is professionally. She's a marketing genius and has reinvented herself so many times that even today, at age 50, she's still current.
Suggest you search You Tube and search 'Madonna Argentina'....she played there the other night and sang "Don't Cry For me Argentina" from Evita....and it's GREAT! The crowd is AMAZING....they totally sing along with's like seeing Bruce Springsteen at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park and hearing him sing "Jersey Girl."
and then....the focus point in the photograph.....
Louis Vuitton....what can I say....I know...I KNOW... it's so frivolous, so vain, so not necessary in this economy, in this country, in the current state of the world, on this planet....but I'm a girl who enjoys her LV handbag (ducks)....and to say that I waited a LONG time to own one ( 21 long years from my first mental suggestion that I should own one)...makes me cherish mine even more.....
Marc Jacobs (LOVE HIM) designed this bag....( BTW...that's on my next lifetime's "to do list"....a Marc Jacobs bag...but if you can imagine, it's about 2x the cost of my THERE)!
I highly recommend Marc's new fragrance...."Pear".....DELICIOUS!!!!!!
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